Custom Wholehearted

Custom Wholehearted items, each so individual and special to their owners, are keepsakes, made to last and be loved for years.  These custom orders are the perfect way to cherish a special item and recreate it into a functional, beautiful memento.  Each custom Wholehearted item is individial and can take on any colour, form and size.   If you have something stored away that you'd like to breathe new life into, please contact us to discuss how we can create a custom Wholehearted gift for yourself or someone you love.

Here are a few examples of some recent custom Wholehearted projects:

Memories of our mama
Custom Wholehearted projects
This is where it all started - a dozen pairs of pyjamas, some scissors and a lot of patience.  The result was something that brings me endless joy and comfort.  I run my fingers over the fabrics, touch the buttons, put my fingers inside the pockets and am flooded with memories of my mum.  When those first months after her death were dark, I curled up under that quilt, cried my eyes out and felt my mama wrapped around me.  Little compares to the comfort of that quilt emotionally and physically.

A little quilt for a little someone special

My favourite little 3 year old is a huge soccer supporter, often walking around his home singing the odd line from fan songs - so cute from someone so small!  Using a simple but bright supporter's flag, I created the perfect tribute to his favourite sporting club - something he now sleeps under each night and can keep forever.

 "Thank you so much for making Leon's quilt. It is gorgeous and even better than we imagined it would be. Leon absolutely loves it and sleeps with it all the time".

Making musical memories

When presented with a pile of rock band t-shirts, I knew this was going to be a great project.  This quilt was a great way to relive so many special memories for this couple - bands they love and concerts they'd attended together over the years.  It was a really unique way to add colour (and warmth) to their modern lounge room and became a great talking piece for guests.

"I couldn't contain my excitement when I brought our quilt home. My 'band' blanket exceeded my expectations & more. It represents musicians that I love and places I have been. Kaya was able to represent my journey in music through her skill - my blanket is original, warm, detailed and colourful.  Thank you".

Celebrating a sporting milestone

In 2013, local Melbourne sporting club Glenroy Bears Football Club celebrated 10 years of achievement.  At a special gala presentation night the club were presented with a 10-year commemorative quilt created by Wholehearted.  It combined the club's colourful jerseys from years past and even a special paw print from the mascot.

"Thank you to Wholehearted Design for their amazing work with our club’s 10th anniversary quilt.  The end result was amazing, ten years of playing jerseys bought on so many memories.  The quilt was a real talking point throughout the night and fetched $2,500 on auction.  The quilt will stay within the club and proudly be displayed in our clubrooms for years to come".

Reliving an incredible life experience

In 2002 a group of university students at RMIT in Melbourne came together to plan an international soccer tournament. The RMIT Redbacks toured China, fostering sporting and academic ties between the Australian and Asian universities they engaged.  This ambitious project continued for several years creating incredible experiences for these young men.  My husband was on the original committee for the Redbacks, and as he never really pulls out the jerseys from the tour anymore, I thought this gift would be a lovely way to remember those wonderful memories.  It's made from one of his old jerseys.