How do I care for my quilts?

Your Wholehearted quilt has been made by hand and designed to be loved.  They are mostly made of 100% cotton which makes them easy to care for (washing instructions below).  To extend their life, there are a few simple things to remember:

- Avoid direct sunlight as this may cause fabrics to fade.
- Never store them in plastic - you can roll them around a flat sheet  and fold loosely and then put away for long periods.
- Spot-clean any minor stains immediately, and then only wash your quilt when really necessary.  
- For the first wash, it is recommended you wash your quilt in lukewarm water by hand with a little softener.  Do not wring/twist the quilt too roughly to remove the water - be gentle as you may damage the cotton wadding or stitching.  You can add it to the machine to spin to remove the water if you wish.  After the first wash, you can place your quilt in the machine on a gentle cycle.
- Never dry clean your quilts; only dry them flat.  Allow them to dry fully before packing away.
- When they are fully dry, you can gently tug them back into shape and give them a hot steam iron to flatten once again if necessary.

How long does it take to get a Wholehearted custom quilt made?

Please allow up to four weeks for a custom project to be made for you.
How much does a Wholehearted custom quilt cost to buy?

Each quilt differs in size, complexity, materials used and time taken to produce it.  If you are interested in having a Wholehearted custom quilt created for yourself or someone you love, please contact us directly and we can discuss your special project and give you an approximate cost.  We am happy to work with existing themes and colours (using photos as a reference), follow a trend or provide you with some design ideas.
What materials are used in your quilts?

All our quilts feature 100% cotton wadding - this product will keep you warm in winter but cool in summer as the cotton allows your body to breathe.  Most of our quilts are made entirely from cotton.  If you have any special needs or would prefer a different type of fabric or wadding, please let us know as we may be able to incorporate this for you.
I love a design but wish to change the colours/fabrics a little - can you accommodate this?

As most items are made to order it is very possible that changes such as this can be incorporated.  Please contact us - we're happy to try to accommodate your preference.  We often have customers tweak colours or fabrics a little to perfectly suit their needs/tastes.  Please note that those items marked 'one of a kind' have already been made and cannot be reproduced to match the style suited or other colour palette.

Are the inks you use for your screen printed products safe for my little one?

Absolutely! The inks we use on our products to bring our designs to life are environmentally-friendly, water-based inks that are safe for little ones and the environment.  All products that are screen printed have also been heat-set for longevity meaning the ink won't wash out in the machine. Treat them like a printed t-shirt - don't iron directly over the print, but cover them with some cotton and them iron gently over the top.
What do you use inside your cushions?

All of the kid's cushions contain an Australian-made insert filled with 100% PET fibre, which is derived from recycled water bottles.  They look and feel similar to a high-grade polyester cushion insert, but have a greater resilience rating and will last much longer.  The fibre contained within each insert saves 35 water bottles from landfill.  Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is the type of plastic used to produce beverage packs such as soft drinks and water bottles.  Before the PET is turned into insert filling, it passes through a number of processes including sterilisation.  The bottles are then shredded, heated and extruded back into a compressed fibre. The fibre is then processed into a fluffy mixture ready for use. These fibres are non-allergenic and antibacterial.

The smaller cushions made to match cot quilts contain a toddler cushion made of polyester filling inside a cotton cover.  These are designed to be slept on, for those ages 12 months and over.

What is your refund/returns policy?

Wholehearted is happy to accept returned faulty items, provided that notification is made no longer than seven days from delivery.  Unfortunately we cannot refund for change of mind, however we can provide you with credit to the value of the exchanged item (less postage).  As custom orders are made specifically for you, we cannot exchange these items.

How are my orders delivered?

Wholehearted uses Australia Post for delivery of our products.  By adding items to your cart online, you can then determine the postage costs for delivery to your area.  Please ensure your postage details are correct as Wholehearted will not be held responsible for lost or returned goods.  All items leave the studio in perfect condition and are well wrapped.  Please understand that Wholehearted is not responsible for damage caused to packages during the transit period.