Why Handmade?

there's always something so special about handmade itemsThere's always something so special about handmade items.  You know they're made with care, that attention and energy have been poured into them.  It takes special skills to plan these items, to construct them and to finish them. Materials are carefully considered and treated with respect.  Every piece is unique in its own way.  

Handmade items have real character - they might be a little quirky or have the odd stitch out of place.  They  show the skill and character of the artist, the attention to detail  and the touch of light hands.  Artists are proud to put their names on their work as a sign of accomplishment.

Handmade items aren't mass-produced.  They don't come by the container-load from factories in far-off lands.  Handmade goods are made by local people, in great creative spaces filled with energy and light.  Handmade goods are thoughtful things made to last, not simply made to be used and thrown away.  They are made to last for years, to bring joy to their owners.

When you're buying handmade, you're fulfilling the dream of an artist to create a life and living from being creative - something that is deeply important to them.  Each of us have our own reason for creating; we each put our heart into each item we make knowing that you'll love it equally.